We have taken the one-stop-shop approach as B.A.T.S provides now highly professional university’s seminars alike in Service Marketing, Strategic Selling, Integrated Communication Skills and Integral Management owing to target not only administration, operation… of travel and freight enterprises but  all hierarchical professions, specifically management.

In-house/ Seminars Training

Stressing on the importance of Empathy (understanding what customers need), we and our partners provide customized training. The list of trained companies / staff includes:

  • Buraq Airways
  • Afriqiyah Airlines
  • Air Arabia Lebanon
  • Nakhal
  • Wild Discovery Travel
  • Nadia Travel
  • Barakat Travel
  • MSC Lebanon
  • Embassy Freight Forwarding
  • BestSeller (one of the largest clothing retail…)
  • Euromaster Import/Export Bulgaria
  • Sukleen
  • Japanese Tobacco International (Third Largest in the World)
  • ARCOM Ceramics (one of the largest ceramics company)…etc