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Applied Freight Forwarding, here is the outline:

Concise Content

Section I: air freight and related cargo fundamentals

Over 200 Freight Terminology

Major Cargo Airports

Landlocked countries

Types of Cargo Aircrafts

Freedoms of the Air


Rounding Procedures

Air Consolidation

How to read air rate tables

Types of cargo air rates

How to construct air rates

ULD Rating

Dangerous Goods

Perishable cargo

Takeoff Weight

Floor Loading Limitation

Loading Charts and loading plans

Types and Roles of warehouses

Types of Packaging

Incoterms 2010

Commercial Payments and Documents and More

Selling Cargo

Land, Ocean Freight and more

Appendix Cargo Lebanon

Section II
Land Freight

Section III
Ocean Freight

Section IV
Freight Potpourri




Notification of performance

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