InstructorHassan El Zein
TypeOnsite Course
Time1 week
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Customers want to buy from someone who cares about their needs. Obtaining new customers and retaining present ones are the main challenges of salespeople. The latter must use the sale process in a strategic sequence: from planning, prospecting and the approach, to closing and follow up of customers through service for life!


  • Selling versus marketing concepts
  • Sales Training Topics
  • Sales Effectiveness drivers
  • The selling personality
  • Prospecting methods that work: the “MAD” principle
  • Body language in sales meetings
  • Sales presentation mix
  • Persuasive communication

– Persuasive communication

– Demonstration and dramatization

– Visual aids…

  • Feature, advantage and benefit selling technique
  • Select sales strategies
  • Sales territory management
  • Dealing with customer objections
  • Techniques for closing the sale based on different situations